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-Situated 2 km from the village of Lousada, and about 150 kms far from the national road serving the village, it becomes the perfect place for a peaceful staying. 


-Well located in a region that combines multiple road networks, provides quick access to either the airport, central Hospitals, large business centers, tourism and leisure.


-It’s excellent location allows that in less than 60 kms you can not only enjoy the unique scenery sculpted by the Douro river but also the Minho Region with its unique characteristics associated to a natural landscape of enormous beauty and biodiversity.


- The house has two bedroom, two living-rooms and a bar. At the living rooms there areas for music and reading, which can be adapted to recreate the desired ambiance.

-There is a green space where you can enjoy a true natural environment.


-Parking space and internet are added values.


- The House, differs from the majority in that it is a space of only a single customer, with its exclusive privacy.






Sports complex of Lousada


- As it is a modern infrastructure and still under development, it already holds individual units for the practices of field hockey and rugby.

 - Lousada Ténis Atlântico

   With six courts in complete clay, offer the service of 3 technicians of level III, who assure formation on different levels.










The Romanesque Tour


- Based in Lousada on the direction of the RRSV, it presents several   guide tours and flyers with planned visits to diverse historical monuments, proportioning to visitants and tourists the possibility of truly adapted programs.





The Gourmet Tour


 - The tourism Dept from the City Hall of Lousada, has been promoting diverse actions with gastronomic character. Several and diverse programs based on guided  visits to  manor  houses, which surrounded with luxuriant landscapes, magnificent spaces and a  rich   gastronomy,   provides unforgettable moments.




Cultural summer


-Every year, the Town Council promotes a vast cultural program, with various multi-disciplinary activities that take place for several weeks during the hottest period of the region. The town fills up with people, creating movement and joy on its arteries.






- Lousada Sec XXI City council manages the swimming pools, featuring outdoor and indoor heated equipment. This same council has various activities related not only to water but also with gymnastics and related activities.



Various fairs and festivals


 - Local festivals known as Big Parties take place on the last weekend of July. They take place at the center of the village having “Sr. dos Aflitos” as the patron saint. The church holds the same name and it’s the main attraction together with its splendorous garden.

During the festivities, the church is adorned with lights at the outside. One of the traditions is the enormous quantity of bowls in clay with a candle, whose lights during the night produce an effect of peculiar characteristics.

The procession and the parade are the most important events of the festivities but there are also others and different interests such us Rafting, hydro speeding, canoeing, paint ball, etc...




 - There are at least 3 riding facilities with excellent conditions.

Shooting, hunting and fishing



Information / contacts


- Lousada City Hall:

  Telf: 00 351 255 820 500


- Lousada Tourist office

  Telf. 00 351 255 820 514


- Hospital of Misericórdia 

  Telf.: 00 351 255 820 700

- Hospital of Vale do Sousa

  Telf.: 00 351 255 714 000

- GNR - Lousada Police station

  Telf 00 351 810 470

- Lousada firefighters

  Telf.: 00 351 255  912 119

- Railroads

  Telf.: 00 351 255 711 034


  Tlf.: 00 351 255 810 700





Continental - Atlantic weather.


Low plateau region with an average altitude of around 200 Mts.


Having in one side the Serra do Marão and in the other the sea, it provides a   

moderate climate along the Atlantic coast and a most aggressive one at the

interior and mountainous zones.


Average temperature during winter: 

     Maximum - 11º

     Minimum -     7º


Average temperature during summer:

    Maximum - 26º

    Minimum - 14º


Average rainfull - 15 to 175 mm







1 Quarto Duplo/chambre double/Double bedroom

60.00 €

2 Quartos Duplos/chambre double/Double bedroom

90.00 €









House of Marlães
Marlães Street, # 64
4620-400 Lousada

Telf /Fax 00 351 255 815 171

Telm: 00 351 912 598 596 / 7

Pedro Amado / Paula Amado




Porto - 35 Kms

Aeroporto Sá Carneiro - 37 Kms

Braga - 55 Kms

Guimarães - 30 Kms

Penafiel - 9 Kms

Amarante - 25 Kms

Paredes - 7 Kms

Paços de Ferreira - 10 Kms

Lousada (centro) - 3,5 Kms

GPS - 41’; 15’; 06.56"N

          - 8º 18’; 17.48" W



A4 - Porto Amarante

A 42 - Porto - Vila Real

A7/A11 - Braga - Chaves - Lousada